Founded and based in the United Arab Emirates, we specialize on providing GCC-based start-ups, small and medium sized companies as well as offshore branches of international entities with sophisticated, tailor-made human resource related services, products and solutions.

Able to establish and maintain all vital functions of HR, we are gathering to our clients regardless of whether they require a HR system build from scratch, a review of their current HR system, a full-fledged HR operation outsourcing or anything in between.

Being on the mission of ‘Establishing Al Jowdah to be the HR partner of choice for GCC-based SMEs’, we work with dedication and passion on each assignment in order to combine quality with affordability and the achievement of excellent results for our clients and shareholders.

About Us

Al Jowdah revolves around the core principle of providing clients with efficient and cost-efficient HR solutions of highest quality. Our concept is based on the fact that small & medium enterprises (SMEs) must ensure that appropriate and relevant HR & administration systems are in place from the very beginning of their operations in order to maximize performance and ensure successful and sustainable growth. Being specialized on start-ups as well as SMEs and offshore branches renders us being a partner who understands and recognizes the individual needs of each of our clients to an extend unmatched by other consultancies.

Founded and led by a specialist management team, we have made it our task to link German-made quality solutions with an in-depth understanding of our local clients and the GCC market. For this reason, our management & consultant team consists of individuals with several years of experience in Germany, the GCC or both. Our approach to each assignment includes dedicated client meetings, an expert team tailoring services individually towards each of your specified requirements and a specialist team modifying and implementing our solutions before evaluating and handing over the results to you.

We strive for excellence in what we do and have this motive incorporated in all our decisions. We are on the mission to realize our vision:

Establishing Al Jowdah to be the HR partner of choice for GCC-based SMEs.

Why Al Jowdah?

Choosing to outsource part or all of the operations of the most critical function of your company is a decision which is not easy. However, with Al Jowdah at hand, choosing the right consultancy for doing so is. We distinguish ourselves from other consultancies

  • by our approach to each assignment. We do not work with a “one fits all” belief. Every client is equally important to us; every project is unique; everything we do is done striving for excellence.
  • by our mix & match model. Instead of being forced to book packaged services, you will choose which of our services best fit your current needs and requirements – thus avoiding you signing up for month-long outsourcing contracts which provide you with only half of what you actually need.
  • by our pricing. We believe that contracting a consultancy should not be more expensive than hiring a professional in-house. We therefore grant all the benefits of working with an established consultancy while proving to be more cost efficient than any other alternative.
  • by our focus. Gathering to SMEs and start-ups is different from gathering to large enterprises. Through specialization and understanding, we are able to gather to our clients in ways no other consultancy can. We believe in down-to-earth, effective operation – one branch, one team, one target.
  • by our portfolio. Aside from offering an unmatched set of HR services, we also developed our very own HR administration software, Tayseer, which makes your HR administration a breeze.
  • by our honesty and straight forwardness. We believe in direct & clear approaches when dealing with clients. We aim to be transparent in our work, the same way our customers are by entrusting us with insight into their HR operations.
  • by our flexibility. We provide you with high quality solutions, regardless of whether you just started your business or whether you are established for several years; whether you have three or three hundred employees; whether you need a HR system built from scratch, a complete HR outsourcing or anything in between.
  • by our passion. We love & are proud of what we do, and it reflects in the outstanding results that are delivered to clients on a daily basis.
  • by our partnerships and network. Whatever functions we do not cover, we have partners to take over. Founding a new business? Need assistance with visa processing? Can’t fill that one senior position? Require a lawyer for a labor case? Our hand-selected partners are happy to assist – often for a special rate.
  • by constantly striving for excellence. We acknowledge the fact that HR and our clients are constantly developing, and so are we. What works today might need to be revamped tomorrow – our journey to excellence therefore never ends, and we ensure staying relevant and updated with latest markets developments through extensive research.


Al Jowdah’s clients are operating in a multitude of sectors and industries – a result of the fact that we make it a point to understand the requirements and environment of each client before our actual work starts. We therefore create HR solutions that are relevant to you regardless of whether you operate in construction, trading, education, healthcare, manufacturing, IT or any other sector.

The reasons of why clients chose to use Al Jowdah’s services & products are as diverse as our client base itself:

  • The operations of some SMEs do no justify hiring fulltime HR personnel, be it because of financial restrictions or because the capacities of smaller scale HR operations do not require full time employees. Partnering with an experienced consultancy which is specialized on SMEs often is the best solution in this case.
  • Some clients look for expertise, knowledge and fresh inputs which will support both the on-going growth of the client’s company, improve the efficiency of existing internal HR teams and solve urgent problems.
  • Partnering with Al Jowdah often proves to be more cost efficient than contracting another consultancy or hiring in-house personnel. The reason is our fair & dedicated pricing strategy which is based on the size of our client’s company.
  • Many clients whose fulltime HR personnel is not available for a longer period (be it through leave, emergencies or economic decisions) wish to maintain their HR operations through outsourcing to a professional consultancy that provides flexibility, quality and effectiveness while being reachable for support not only during peak working hours.
  • Clients that operate offshore branches often look for relevant HR market information, advice about local labor law and a modification of their HR systems & guidelines to fit the local market.
  • Tayseer, our HR software, is providing a comprehensive HR administration system that is uniquely developed to meet requirements of GCC-based SMEs. Aside from providing sophisticated insights & statistics into client’s company’s HR, Tayseer often saves clients with smaller operations the effort and cost of hiring a full-time administrator, while rendering indispensable support for administration professionals in larger organizations.


Al Jowdah provides clients with custom tailored HR solutions which are developed and field-tested by German specialists before being modified and implemented by local experts to suit the GCC market and individual requirements of each assignment and client.

We make it a point to ensure that all our HR solutions are conform to local labor laws and will be made and modified from scratch to fulfill your needs – we therefore can either partner with you from the very start of your business or later on drop in on an on-demand basis. We understand that every business and every management is different and hence are able to have you involve us as much (or as little) as it suits you. This also means that we are flexible in offering you the packages and services you require – you can pick and match the functions which will yield the most profitable results for your business.

Each of our assignments will be handled by a designated professional who will be meeting you for an in-depth evaluation of your current needs and requirements. Within a few business days, Al Jowdah will recommend the best course of action considering your specifications and expectations, including a price estimation and pipeline. Our pricing strategy is considering the size of your company to ensure fairness and transparency.


Apart from a range of comprehensive consulting services, Al Jowdah offers you Tayseer, an one-stop standalone HRIS solution to all your administrative HR needs. This sophisticated portal enables you to cut down the time and effort you spend on administration to an absolute minimum. On top of that, Tayseer will provide you with detailed statistics and calculations relating to your employees and their performance – Tayseer therefore does not only turns your administration into a breeze, it also provides insights many consultancies cannot serve you with.

Tayseer is stored on Al Jowdah’s servers and does not need any investment into hard- or software from your side – thus rendering you able to access Tayseer from any place around the world. Through a smart yet sophisticated interface, our clients usually do not require any training before using Tayseer - however, we do provide manuals, video tutorials and live support.

What is Tayseer?

Tayseer is an all-in-one, independent HR administration software developed & distributed exclusively by Al Jowdah HR Consultancy JLT.

Tayseer is a perfect match for start-ups, small & medium sized enterprises and branches of foreign & local companies with an employee count of 1 to 150+, and turns your HR administration into an automated, efficient, effective, fast, and error-free process while providing in-depth insights about your workforce and HR operations.

Being developed in the GCC and for the GCC, Tayseer combines a high degree of relevancy with HR knowledge that enables companies of all industries & sectors to benefit. We believe in keeping things simple – and have therefore chosen a name that incorporates that very belief. Tayseer is Arabic for “to ease”.


Tayseer is constantly developed to further enhance our client’s HR administration. Once uploaded, all clients can enjoy all modifications and enhancements complementary. In its current version, Tayseer features the following functions:

In addition to the above mentioned functions, Tayseer’s development team is currently working on a wide range of more functions that will be implemented each month.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Tayseer on average
    • Increases efficiency & speed of HR administration by 50% to 80%
    • Reduces error rate by 80% to 95%
    • Is 90% less expensive than a HR administrator
  • Tayseer can either fully replace the need to hire a HR administrator (for smaller operations) or perfectly complement already existing HR administrators (for larger operations) – in either way, you either save on salaries and/or enable employees to have more time to spend on profit generating tasks.
  • Tayseer is available for a fair, clear & fixed annual charge. There are no hidden costs or charges. You stay in full control over your investment at all times – no hosting cost, no maintenance cost, no administration cost, no setup cost, no cost for dedicated personnel, no cost for hardware or software.
  • Tayseer is web based and can be accessed anywhere, any day and anytime. Tayseer works on most computers, tablets, mobile phones and other devices with common internet browsers.
  • Tayseer is featuring a simple, easy to use interface – working with Tayseer usually requires no training and just a few hours of orientation.
  • Tayseer has been developed by HR consultancy, thus giving it a clear advantage over other HRIS which have been developed by software companies without any dedicated HR knowledge. Al Jowdah offers a multitude of complementary HR services and a vast network of partnering companies.
  • Tayseer features free trial accounts, rendering you able to work with Tayseer before committing yourself – you know exactly what return on investment you can expect. You can transform your trial account any time to be a full-fledged account, keeping all data.
  • Tayseer is a modular project and can be modified to your liking where feasible. Any future developments and modifications are included free of charge during your annual license period.
  • Tayseer has been developed for SMEs in the GCC and is therefore extremely relevant while offering ongoing support and development through a local team.


Tayseer is available to be used by clients through subscribing to a one year period for a fixed price. As Tayseer is stored on Al Jowdah’s servers, there is no need to invest into any hardware or software from your side.

Clients usually enroll for a free trial account in order to test Tayseer extensively before committing themselves. Upon registering for the trial account, you will receive your personalized login data & an extensive manual, which you can use directly to access & use Tayseer from anywhere. You are free to share your login information with whomever you like, thus allowing several of your employees to access Tayseer.

Upon the expiry of your trial period, you can transfer your trial account into a full-fledged license account, keeping all data & employees you have added – alternatively, we offer services to add & implement your employees.

Please contact your personal relationship manager today in order to have your trial account activated within a few business days.


Tayseer is using a fair & transparent pricing structure which is based on a fixed amount for the period of one year. Our notion is that using Tayseer should be the most effective and cost efficient solution in handling your HR administration – an idea which is clearly reflected in our pricing.

How much is subscribing to Tayseer?

Tayseer is available for a standard license which lets you up to 100 employees, and a vast additional amount of former employees. The price for acquiring Tayseer’s license is

AED 4999

for the first year.

Afterwards, renewing your license is

AED 1999

per year.

There are no hidden charges and no hidden cost. Tayseer’s prices are guaranteed and will not be increased.

Any updates and general modifications are included in your license for free – you will therefore benefit from more modules and refinements in the future without any additional cost.

Contact Us

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